NBA E02 – The creative process

BAM! Lightning in a bottle, divine intervention, happy coincidence or the power of the creative process? Follow me as we dive into the nuts and bolts of concept development – and hear me rant about my process and what gets my creative juices ticking…


It has been a crazy spring with baby, No Budget Animation, a lot of work and the ground work towards my first feature in collaboration with Petter Lindblad and Snowcloud Films in Sweden. We were selected to present at Cartoon Movie and the Financing Forum in Malmoe. Hopefully we will get the funding set over the summer, but lets see. Financing can be a devious snake…

Below is a screenshot of the little promo we did for the project. Not a final design in any way, but I promise you it’ll be great!

No Budget Animation (Yeah)

Join me down the path of insanity as I ramble on about “No Budget Animation”, the past, what to do, other peoples work –
and what I have planned for this series…

Oh, and don’t be afraid to share it with your friends and family. Its really important stuff, this!


I just fell over these poster layouts I did a few years ago for our friends over at One Two Films for their feature Die Frau hinter der Wand. The designs are thickly inspired by Saul Bass meets Frank Miller. I remember being pretty astounded on how fast it was to get pretty decent results in that style – although it also helped that the visuals of film contained quite a lot of iconic elements.