Rock’n’Roll animation is a scalable animation unit lead by Christen Bach. Elegantly navigating between fine art and animation we work in a medium where everything is possible…

What we do
  • Storytelling (words & visual)
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
FAQ Page
just to get that out of the way...

I am a skilled animation director with 20+ years of experience in design, strategy and character-driven, visual storytelling – working across a broad field of styles like 2D, 3D and visual effects. My formal education in both commercial design and classical animation combined with a strong passion for art & technology, makes me perfectly equipped to tacle a wide variety of projects. 

Some of my key competencies are:

  • Storytelling: A great sense of dramatic structure has been part of my DNA since i was a kid. Of course it is further inhanced with a deep knowledge of the theories behind it.  
  • Directing: To keep a clear vision throughout the project  – not only regarding sound & vision, but also in terms of mood, storyarcs, character development etc. / to communicate, inspire and lead the team towards a common goal / and to make sure we keep a high standard and deliver a high quality end product (within budget at the agreed deadline)
  • Concept development in words and pictures
  • Visual research & development for 2D/3D animation using virtual reality
  •  Plus, I am a very proficient After Effects compositor & motion designer 

I can be hired in as a freelancer or as a “scaleable unit”.

I am set up as a freelancer, but depending on the scale and nature of any given project, I assemble and collaborate with a team of skilled specialists.

My time is split between doing high-art and commercial projects:

Commercially we cover everything in the animation pipeline from concept development to script, designs, layout, animation and compositing. Types of projects could include:

  • Conceptualizing & Visual development
  • Animated content for commercials, television or movies.
  • Visual effects
  • Explainer videos
  • …just to mention the tip of the iceberg

I can. Generally though I will hire an external producer on larger projects, so I can focus on the things I am best at; making sure we deliver the best possible end product.

Give me a call – or send us an email. I promise that everyone at the studio is on their nicest behaviour…