Rock’n’Roll animation is a scalable animation unit lead by Christen Bach. Elegantly navigating between fine art and animation we work in a medium where everything is possible…

What we do
  • Storytelling (words & visual)
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects

Daily Cars for Kids


Format:  Virtual reality animation – series for preschoolers


Back in 2019 I had the opportunity to take part in the one month Ninoko residency in Viborg, Denmark. During that period I was away from my family and in order to maintain the connection with my 2 y.o. son we developed a small game: 

He LOVES cars. So very night before going to bed, he would give me a theme – and every morning before going to the studio I would animate him a quick car based on that theme. 

At the residency I had the opportunity to get my hands on a VR headset. Concept development for traditional animation practices using VR was something I had been wanting to explore for a while, and these cars were basically an intense crash course in exactly this + it provided me with a workflow that allowed me to produce between 30 sec. and 1 minute of animation from scratch every day. 

Developing the process further we are experimenting with piping the VR footage through external render engines. Below you have a comparison between the direct output from Quill (top) and the car piped through the Eevee render engine in Blender (bottom)

 Daily Cars for Kids is furhter being developed into an Augmented Reality project for children: “In a time where books are being replaced by digital media, the project is exploring the hidden, imaginary worlds behind the written word – seeking to spark the imagination and creativity in the children while stimulating their joy of reading.”

Adding animated layers and sound to texts through augmented reality helps stimulate the imagination and bring the possibilities of “what hides behind the written word” to life (Umbrella Car – 2020)