No budget animation

Skills: Animation, Concept, Film, Personal

 Webseries – 2017-? – Produced by: RnR Animation

I hear a lot of animators complaining about offers they get saying stuff like “Do I look cheap?” or “You cant make a music video for a 1000 bucks and make money on it!”. Thing is you totally can. It all comes down to a question of economy Vs. time and quality. I am not claiming it will be good. It can be. But it is a question of working within the limitations and embracing the creative challenges that arises.  At the same time I get a lot of questions from students asking how to build a portfolio, how to break into the industry as a creative – and most importantly how to finance your own short film projects?

A lot of animators are stuck with the false idea that animation can only be done the Disney way; a large group of people and every character needs to fluently act out every word they are saying in order to underline their dialogue. Animation can be done that way, but it is definitely not the only way. What is quality in animation? Does it have to take forever to produce it? Do you need a large budget? – or do you just need to have the right frame of mind?

I thought I would tackle these questions and more in a small documentary/lecture style series, taking you through the creation of a no budget animated short – dealing with everything from the philosophical aspects in a production like this, to time management, the creative phase, the use of sound and vision etc. – all the way through to the festival circuit. Hopefully demystifying the animation process – and inspiring people to throw themselves into tackling their own animated projects along the way…

Episode 01 – an introduction:

Episode 02 – The creative process:

Episode 03 – Time management: