Johnny Velour

Skills: Concept, Film, Personal, VFX

Tv series dummy – 3 min 15 sec – 2009

Back in 2009 I was hired by DR (Denmarks National TV) as a “talent” – which meant that I could play around with their gear and just experiment with formats without any demands of producing anything finished or useful. During my stay there they were looking for the new big danish comedy series. They had just stopped producing “Drengene fra Angora” which was an insanely popular show at the time, and they were looking for a replacement featuring “interesting characters, snappy catchphrases and musical content”

I had been out drinking heavily with my good friend Erik Gonzales and the next morning we were laying in the grass, hung up on life (and a sustainable amount of hangovers), when we came up with this concept:
A man has 5 additional mouths scattered all over his body, each with their own personality. Together they travel Denmark performing acapella music with themselves. It should be structured like a mockumentary (inspires by Metallica’s “Some kind of Monster”) – with a lot of  drama between the “members of the band”. The idea was to create a concept, that was quite absurd, but would take the format very seriously, mixing humor and tragedy in a delicate way.

A Friday after work in 2009, we went into the basement of “Denmarks Radio” and shot this crude proof of concept dummy for it. We presented the idea at a huge pitch meeting which was a scream. Although they found it really funny, we were told that it was just “to damn weird for Danish Television”…

It is a few years old, and the compositing is definitely marked by that, but it is always a pleasure to revisit.