Blå Kors

Skills: Animation, Concept, Film

Animation – 1 min 12 sec – 2014 – Client: Blå Kors Hobro

I was hired by Blå Kors Hobro, a Danish rehab center, to do a series of clips that would put focus on the work they are doing there. We interviewed a handful of the recovering alcoholics talking about; their lives before rehab, how they ended up there, their future, the social aspects of the center, alcohol and death. I picked out the snippets that I felt sums up the ideology of the center the best and translated that to 4 small animated clips.

The clip above is the second of the four subtitled in English. To see them all (W.o. subs) click here

Animation: Mette Ilene Holmriis & Christen Bach
Directing, Designs, Backgrounds & Comp: Christen Bach
Sound design: Henrik Sjoerslev
Produced by RocknRoll Animation


Below is a bit of scattered concept art from the process