Youki International Youth Media Festival – Puppet Workshop

The amazing people at the Youki International Youth Media Festival invited me to give an animation workshop at this years festival. I don’t work too much with stop motion on a daily basis, but since the framework available at the festival consisted of 3 computers with istopmotion it seemed logical that that would be the way to go.
I decided to take an approach inspired by people like the genius Péter VáczEmma De Swaef, Marc James Roels and Mikey Please – focusing on the puppets – trying to inspire the participants to create exciting characters while teaching them different ways to construct armatures and working with animation. All cramped in to a hectic but amazing 3×3 hours workshop with 12 very different participants.

Here is a small video I made together with Blandina Stöhr, who assisted me in the workshop – to give a brief sense of the mayhem