My dear friend Mette Ilene Holmriis just finished this beautiful piece of animation for TED-ed about “The evolution of animal genitalia”. She has been chipping away on this beauty for several months on her own. And the end result is super charming! I am super proud of her. I helped a bit with animating a few sperm-cells, a spider and a few other tiny things.


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I had a bunch of art- and animation-hungry kids hanging out at my place today talking about how I work, the creative process and how to survive as an artist. Just for the heck of it (and because it is cool) we did a photogrammetric scan of one of the students. When you have 11 youngsters sitting in the background it is pretty sure that something is bound to move during the process of taking the pictures. But somehow we ended up with a couple of pretty interesting images as a result of ‘the living backdrop’.

And a little added play with textures…

Projection mapping breakdowns

I did a spot with the good people at Visionaere a few months back. The spot was called for to be dynamic, but we only had a couple of pictures at our disposal, so I decided to see if we could create something interesting using the Projection Man tool in C4d. I have had a couple of questions about the process, so I thought I would just post a breakdown of 2 of the shots. It took me around a day per shot.

Asia Sketchbooks

We just returned from an amazing trek through Myanmar and Cambodia. (I will upload a couple of pictures when we get them developed) but for now you will have to settle with a couple of pages from my sketchbooks…






In December I downloaded the trial version for Zbrush to play around with it in regard to a new project I am planning. My friend Peter Ruschel has tried getting me on board with it for years, and I must admit that it is pretty amazing how fast and intuitive you can work as soon as you are over the first couple of technical hurdles.

This is my first model in Zbrush. It took me around a days worth of work to finish it (after having explored the program for about a week beforehand). It still has a few bumps and knicks, but nothing that really bothers me. Peter was so kind as to run the model through Modo for the renderings…