In December I downloaded the trial version for Zbrush to play around with it in regard to a new project I am planning. My friend Peter Ruschel has tried getting me on board with it for years, and I must admit that it is pretty amazing how fast and intuitive you can work as soon as you are over the first couple of technical hurdles.

This is my first model in Zbrush. It took me around a days worth of work to finish it (after having explored the program for about a week beforehand). It still has a few bumps and knicks, but nothing that really bothers me. Peter was so kind as to run the model through Modo for the renderings…




Youki International Youth Media Festival – Puppet Workshop

The amazing people at the Youki International Youth Media Festival invited me to give an animation workshop at this years festival. I don’t work too much with stop motion on a daily basis, but since the framework available at the festival consisted of 3 computers with istopmotion it seemed logical that that would be the way to go.
I decided to take an approach inspired by people like the genius Péter VáczEmma De Swaef, Marc James Roels and Mikey Please – focusing on the puppets – trying to inspire the participants to create exciting characters while teaching them different ways to construct armatures and working with animation. All cramped in to a hectic but amazing 3×3 hours workshop with 12 very different participants.

Here is a small video I made together with Blandina Stöhr, who assisted me in the workshop – to give a brief sense of the mayhem

Museum sketches

This year for my birthday a bunch of my friends went together and gave me a one year free pass for the Berlin museums. I am trying to make it a practice to go for an hour or so in the morning before work to do a bit of sketching. Here are a few pages from the first week.
Theme: Felt pen on paper

Sketchbook_Museum001 Sketchbook_Museum002

Marga van den Meydenberg

My friend and extremely talented photographer Marga van den Meydenberg, opened a 30-day-portrait-popup studio in Neukölln last month under the device: Price is what you are willing to pay. She has a nick for the odd and and at moments I have her suspected of being able to see a few seconds into the future in order to capture at the exact right moment.


To support the cause (and get some awesome photographs) I went there with the amazing Blandina Stöhr for a super fun Saturday afternoon session. These are a few of the shots that came out of it…